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Wapic Brand

Our customers and their need for excellent service are the focus of everything we do. This shapes the day-to-day business of the Wapic brand. We are a Company that cares for its customers both before they buy a policy from us and after they make a claim. We are therefore committed to transforming and illuminating the insurance industry for the benefit of our customers and other stakeholders.

We believe that a strong, shared corporate vision and values are critical ingredients which guide all that we do and helps us get to our goals faster as a Company.

Our core values of Excellence, Professionalism, Innovation, Sustainability, Teamwork, Leadership and Empathy remind us to stay in daily contact with our customers, employees, investors, suppliers and other stakeholders in the right way.

We think of ourselves as innovative solution providers for our customers. For this reason our internal and external relationships are based on the cardinal principles of Accessibility, Experience, Professionalism, Innovation, Responsiveness and Empathy.


Global Brand Management

As partners in progress, we provide value adding insurance services that help our customers - irrespective of the market segment in which they operate – to strengthen their position in life or business and achieve their goals. We see our offerings as essential services be it for individuals or businesses.

We earn the trust of our clients and stakeholder by staying true to our values while helping them to find the best solutions for their needs and aspirations, keeping our commitments and always acting with their full agreement. That way we live up to our values and the essence of our name - Wapic.

The Wapic brand plays a key role in driving the future growth of our business. Our brand seeks to enable customers look ahead with optimism and take advantage of today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities in any country where we operate. It is a trusted vehicle for promoting our services and products. The Wapic brand name is used for all products and all customer segments. Using local market knowledge, we leverage our brand name to inspire confidence in our offerings and drive customer loyalty, helping customers to make the right decisions and achieve their goals.

Our brand is an invaluable asset in the company’s books. It is an essential yet intangible element of our corporate strategy. As part of our brand management process, we benchmark the performance of the Wapic brand periodically against local competitors to help us better understand our customers, identify and our value drivers and allocate investments appropriately.