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Wapic Brand Architecture

Our brand architecture determines how our mother brand is applied across all activities within the Wapic Group. It defines the basis for our branding strategies, brand migrations and partnerships. And it should help our customers understand our offerings and find the best solutions for their individual needs.

All our marketing and communication initiatives under the brand are designed to deliver a coherent and harmonized brand image. In general, Wapic has deployed a ‘vision one brand’ strategy - therefore we use the Wapic brand in all locations.

 How we use the Wapic brand

  • The Wapic brand will be used to identify all our products, services and channels.
  • The Wapic logo will be used to represent the Company in all relationships with Organizations (B2B) and Individuals (B2C).
  • Co-branding opportunities will apply exclusively to credible partners that have strong brand equity in their respective markets.
  • All information regarding business lines, categories, channels, products & services, target groups and internal initiatives are provided through corporate communications.
  • Product information must be delivered in a clearly structured way that reflects customer priorities. The language and content should be simple, easy to understand and concise.