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Board Committees

We are committed  to aligning with best practice and maintaining current international standards in Corporate Governance.

The Company recognizes that Corporate Governance and Practices must balance the dual responsibility of protecting the interest of Shareholders and providing direction over the affairs of the Company.

In line with our group framework, we have strengthened the corporate governance systems by increasing the Board Committees from four (4) to five (5). The current Board committees are:
  • Board Enterprise Risk Management and Governance Committee
  • Board Information Technology Committee
  • Board Finance, Investment and General Purpose Committee
  • Board Establishment/Remuneration Committee
  • Board Audit and Compliance Committee.
The basis for the re-alignment of the Board committees is to ensure better strategic oversight by the Board and a more in-depth approach to Corporate Governance across the Company.

The Board of Directors benefits from the work of these specialised Committees that review specific matters and report to the Board.

Members of the Board of Directors attend regular trainings on Corporate Governance and related issues both at local and international levels. In addition, the Company Secretary provides advice to the Board on Corporate Governance best practices from time to time.

Wapic’s Executive Management comprises of the Group Managing Director/CEO and two Executive Directors. The GMD/CEO is the Chairman of the Executive Management Committee; the committee which oversees the operational management of the company on an ongoing basis and reports to the Board.