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Investor Relations

Wapic Insurance Plc is committed to providing relevant, timely, transparent, consistent and credible information on the Company’s operational strategies, trends and financial performance to the investing public.

We understand the information requirements of the investing public and subscribe to the highest international standards in meeting these requirements. Our IR function operate within principles and practices which are aligned to best practice. The functions principal responsibility is to act with integrity towards the company’s shareholders, analysts and investors as a listed company in the capital market and a responsible corporate citizen across all the regions in which we operate.

Our investor relations (IR) activities are aimed at enhancing the Company’s visibility and Managements’ credibility in the capital market and the economic community at large. IR aims to strategically attract local and international investors resulting in a persistent increase in both the number of institutions and quality of the company’s ownership.

The function together with Executive Management engage with the investing public, shareholders and analysts on a quarterly basis. In doing this, the company enjoys objective and fair assessment from analyst, improvements in market valuation, share liquidity, stock price and volume traded as investors make informed investment decisions.